Laser Surgery

The doctors at Vicksburg Animal Hospital insure that our hospital is always using the most advanced tools available, and this includes laser surgery. There are many reasons that laser surgery may be more beneficial than traditional scalpels in the event your pet may be facing a surgical procedure.

Less Painful

Pain is always a consideration when a pet is facing surgery. Proper medications combined with laser surgery can prove to keep your pet much more comfortable during this time. As the laser cuts through tissue, the heat from the laser also burns and seals nerve endings, resulting in less pain for your pet.

Less Chance of Infection

Anytime a pet must have an incision, there is a small opportunity for bacteria to settle in and cause an infection. The heat from the laser will also kill any microorganisms it contacts on the skin and tissue, thereby lowering the opportunity for infection after the surgery.

Bleeding is Reduced

The heat from the laser is once again beneficial to veterinary surgery in the fact that it cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts. This burning of the blood vessels means that pets will normally bleed less when lasers are used compared to scalpels.

The compassionate doctors at Vicksburg Animal Hospital have many years of successful treatment of pets using lasers during surgery. Rest assured your pet is in caring and experienced hands if laser surgery is needed for your furry family member.