Digital Radiography

Diagnostics including blood work, ultrasound and radiographs (X-rays) are important in human medicine, and invaluable in veterinary medicine, as pets cannot tell us where they hurt. Vicksburg Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the most advanced digital x-ray system available in veterinary medicine.

In the past, radiographs were processed with chemicals and took 15-20 minutes to develop. With our technology, x-rays can be seen by our doctors in seconds, meaning your pet can be diagnosed or receive treatment by our experienced doctors within minutes. Our system also allows our doctors to manipulate the images, so pets need fewer retakes, and are exposed to less radiation. Finally, our digital x-ray system stores our images in our computer system and can be emailed to a specialist if necessary.

X-rays can assist our doctors to understand your pet’s needs, ranging from bone fractures to organ issues. The compassionate doctors at Vicksburg Animal Hospital have successfully diagnosed and treated many pets through the years, and they will bring this experience to your pet as well. If your pet is in need of an x-ray, you can rest easy knowing they are in the care of Vicksburg Animal Hospital.